Energy Storage System

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Energy Storage System (ESS)

APEX Energy Storage System (ESS) is based on advanced power conversion and energy storage technology to provide efficient power regulation solutions for demand management, power dispatch, smooth renewable energy and other applications; the system solution integrates two-way power conversion systems, energy storage batteries, and system control The energy management system and cloud energy management system can fully meet the application needs of different fields such as residential, industrial and commercial, and power transmission and distribution.

Power Regulation System

Provides two-way power conversion function, power conversion between the grid and energy storage battery, and can be equipped with a system controller to provide further energy management, dispatch, and power quality improvement functions

Battery Cell

Diversified battery cell options can be optimally designed for the use situation. Highly standardized batteries have the advantages of fast charging, high reliability and long service life. Can significantly reduce the user’s long-term total cost (TCO).

48V Energy Storage Module

As the cornerstone of HV (high voltage) and LV (low voltage) energy storage systems, lithium-ion battery modules can be matched according to different task requirements. With a well-designed battery management system (BMS), it can intelligently monitor various parameters of the battery cell.

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

The uninterruptible power system solution designed for lithium-ion battery modules provides high value-added and innovative system protection solutions for application fields such as data centers and critical infrastructure.

Uninterruptible Power System

APEX uninterruptible power system includes a full range of uninterruptible power systems and management software, and provides industry-specific solutions to a wide range of markets around the world. Baogu’s uninterrupted power system allows you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and stable reliability. It can also meet your business growth needs through the expansion and flexibility of the exclusive design.

A Series

It is a modularized UPS with a structure greater than 20kVA, with data room, medium and large network equipment, data storage center, financial settlement center, etc. as the main applicable markets.

B Series

It is a three-phase UPS above 10kVA, used to support key applications such as industrial equipment, data centers, traffic control, radio and television infrastructure, and telecommunications backbone networks.

C Series

It is a single-phase UPS above 1kVA, used to support medium and small network equipment, security monitoring systems, end point sales systems (POS), etc.

D Series

It is a single-phase UPS below 1.5kVA, used to support PC products, peripheral equipment, small end point sales systems, etc.

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