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APEX Solar is a platform that provides the whole people with a small amount of funds to subscribe for solar power plants. You do not need to provide a site or manage the power plant. As long as you use a small amount of funds to subscribe for solar panels through the Quanmin Power Plant and entrust Baogu for management, you can enjoy Taipower 20 years of sales income

Three characteristics of APEX Green Solar

Stable profit for 20 years

Through the “Renewable Energy Fixed Purchase Price System” formulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the electricity produced by the power plants owned by you and everyone can be sold to Taipower at a fixed preferential price for 20 years, sharing long-term stable income.

Easily get income every month

Taipower Company will regularly calculate the power generation, read the meter every 1 or 2 months according to the scale of the power plant, and pay the electricity sales income to the special collection account. Your electricity bill income for each period will be allocated to your designated account with the same name, but the roof rent, insurance cost, entrusted management fee, maintenance fee and market service fee will be deducted.

Free evaluation for you​

Evaluate the feasibility of Sunshine Power Plant for you free of charge, and you can easily collect rebates without investing money. You do not need to spend any money to build a solar power plant, and you can also get a fixed percentage of the amount of electricity sold as rental feedback. While reducing environmental carbon, you can also obtain green income.

Every power plant
gets the best management

We aim for sustainable development. In terms of environmental issues, in addition to implementing energy-saving and carbon-reducing policies, we are also committed to promoting the green energy product chain, including ESCO energy-saving financing and solar power plant investment. Our performance has been repeatedly recognized.

Before the power plant is put on the shelf


Confirm that the power plants have been built and completed first to reduce the risk of membership subscription​

Most solar power plants require more than half a year from the application for construction to the beginning of the calculation of electricity bills. In addition to waiting for those who invest funds, there is also a risk of uncertainty during the construction period. In order to avoid this situation, the power plants open to subscription on our platform have been completed and connected to Taipower (the starting point of electricity billing), so that electricity bill income can be calculated when funds are invested.

High specification standard acceptance power plant

To withstand wind disasters and ensure power generation efficiency, the most important thing is the quality of construction, which must pass high-standard acceptance. All power plants on the shelf are strictly inspected and accepted by Baogu, including dozens of standards including whether the screws are tightened, whether the power generation efficiency meets expectations, etc., so that the power plant can operate properly for 20 years.

After the power plant is on the shelf


Dedicated maintenance team to check risks

A set of rigorous management practices requires employees and vendor partners to implement exactly the cases from case evaluation, third-party selection, case construction, acceptance and power plant maintenance, etc., to check risks for subscribers.

Technology monitoring power generation efficiency has quality

We use technology to monitor the power generation status of the equipment and check whether all equipment is operating normally. In addition, to maintain the power generation efficiency of the equipment, solar panels must be cleaned regularly, and we must actively deepen the design capabilities of raw materials to ensure the energy efficiency of solar power plants.

Equipment is guaranteed by property insurance

Each power plant will sign a one-year electronic equipment insurance contract with the insurance company every year. When an insured accident occurs, it can quickly obtain compensation and repair in accordance with the insurance company’s terms, so that the power plant can continue to sell electricity and create electricity bill income for subscribers .

Perfect fund management process

Reliable financial services must have rigorous operating procedures. All transaction flows are managed by Baogu’s special accounts, with complete and transparent records. We will also approve the transaction funds to the power plant seller after confirming that all contract requirements have been met to ensure transaction security.


The development of renewable energy has become one of the most important countermeasures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in countries around the world. In order to accelerate the popularization of solar photovoltaic renewable energy, the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has formulated a fixed purchase price system for renewable energy (bulk purchase system / Feed-in) Tariff), in the spirit of subsidies, provides a fixed preferential rate to protect the electricity produced by the purchase of renewable energy for 20 years.
Baogu begins to check the construction and acceptance of solar power plants, and also insures property insurance for power plants. Property insurance covers natural disasters (typhoons, storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes…), man-made disasters (strikes, riots, public harassment, theft) Theft…), fire… etc. When damage occurs, if it is an insured accident, the insurance company will settle the claim.
The Internal Rate of Return, abbreviation (IRR) is often used to compare the profitability of different assets. The principle is to “discount” the estimated cash flow of each period at the internal rate of return, and increase the discounted cash amount. The total is equal to the amount invested at the time of subscription.
According to the contract, Taipower will start to purchase electricity and pay electricity fees to electricity sellers after completing “parallel trial operation” and “equipment registration” of solar energy equipment. All the power plants of Baogu Power Plant will be open for subscription after they have completed the parallel connection with Taipower and started to calculate the electricity bill. The electricity sale date is earlier than your subscription date, so that your funds will not be idle.
Baogu begins to check the construction and acceptance of solar power plants, and also insures property insurance for power plants. Property insurance covers natural disasters (typhoons, storms, floods, lightning, earthquakes…), man-made disasters (strikes, riots, public harassment, theft) Theft…), fire… etc. When damage occurs, if it is an insured accident, the insurance company will settle the claim.
According to the current technical level, solar photovoltaic equipment is estimated to generally maintain about 80% of the power generation efficiency after 20 years. In order to maintain the power generation efficiency of the equipment, it is still necessary to clean regularly; some auxiliary equipment also needs to be replaced regularly; and the power generation status of the equipment is regularly monitored, and abnormal conditions are eliminated in time to ensure the power generation efficiency. (Long-term maintenance quality has a great impact on revenue. After subscribing to Baogu Power Plant, Baogu will be entrusted with maintenance and operation management, and Baogu’s dedicated maintenance team will serve you)
According to the relevant contract of the project, the necessary expenses (such as roof rent, insurance fee, entrusted management fee, maintenance fee and market service fee, etc.) will be deducted according to the proportion of the solar panels owned by each subscriber, and then the deduction will be distributed proportionally Income from electricity sales. Due to the operations of Taipower Company, financial institutions and Baogu Power Plant, there will be a time difference between the calculation date of the electricity bill and the date of distribution of electricity sales revenue by Zhongzu Quanmin Power Plant. Example: The current electricity sales income is 31,000 yuan, and the necessary expenses are 10,000 yuan; the equipment has a total of 200 solar panels, and the subscriber A owns 20. The subscriber A can allocate 2,100 yuan = (31,000-10,000)×20÷200) in the current period.
Natural persons (subscribers) who have no other sales activities and whose average monthly electricity sales income (excluding related expenses) in the last 6 months have not reached 80,000 yuan are exempted from business registration and exemption from business tax. Entrusted management The “Individual Temporary Trade Information Declaration Form” will be filled out at the time of payment to the natural person (subscriber), and the natural person (subscriber) will declare and pay the individual comprehensive tax based on the profit. However, if they do not meet the requirements for exemption from business registration, natural persons (subscribers) should still go through business registration and follow the taxation regulations of sole proprietorship organizations.
After the member completes the subscription and the project is successfully sold, the member can transfer the purchased solar panel to others. However, the transferee should join a VIP member, fully understand the content of the project and the subject of the transfer, and agree to the content of the project and related contracts. The transferor and the transferee shall cooperate with the relevant operation requirements of this platform, sign the transfer notice of this platform in writing and provide the original signed notice to this platform, and this platform will confirm the membership, documents and information. This platform will only adjust the collection and payment objects after review and confirmation to protect the rights of the transferor and the transferee. If it is not carried out in accordance with the procedures of this platform or the agreement of the creditor’s rights and debts contract, this platform is not bound by any liability or compensation for damages, and the transferor and the transferee are solely responsible for it.
The bulk sale of electric energy to Taipower is mainly guaranteed by the government’s fixed purchase price system for renewable energy, which guarantees the purchase of electricity produced by solar photovoltaic equipment at a fixed preferential rate for 20 years. However, the income from electricity sales depends on the actual sunshine situation and the amount of power generated by the solar panels.

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