About APEX Power Green

The fast-growing environment
makes our requirements for innovation and invention

The rapid growth of the metropolis has pushed our requirements for innovation and invention to solve the problems of the city to unprecedented expectations. Being able to rethink and change the world makes us very excited. Baogu tries to start from how people use energy, consume energy and experience energy, and think about how this traditional industry that has gone through hundreds of years without progress and cannot keep up with the evolution of the city, and how to catch up with fast-moving, seamless connection, and sustainable development The whole new world. Taking advantage of the infinite possibilities of big data and the continuous demand for smart technology, Baogu is building a smarter and more adaptable system to today’s rapidly changing cities. By giving everyone the dominance of energy, we strive to build a better future and lead us to move forward at “full speed”


APEX Green Energy Technology focuses on the financial information service field, and strives to win the recognition and reputation of the industry, including multiple titles of No. 1 in Taiwan


Professional Service

With years of experience in financial information services and a complete engineering service network across the province, whether in front, middle, or back-end system services, or software, hardware, and network communication integration services, Baoshuo provides customers with the most immediate, complete, and The most professional system integration service advantage is deeply trusted by customers.

Innovative Products

With the emergence of new technologies and applications, APEX uses big data analysis, financial engineering, artificial intelligence and advanced technology to continuously develop innovative products and services, such as video conferencing, asset management, risk management, financial laboratory, and smart finance. Cloud and smart urban and rural life applications and other systems have led Baoshuo Financial Technology to a new milestone.


Excellent Quality

Excellent quality is APEX unchanging commitment to customers. It continues to research and develop, accumulate experience and results, develop and create excellent products and services, and win the recognition of major financial holdings, banks, securities, insurance, government agencies and academic institutions, and maintain the industry The advantages of leadership show Baoshuo’s superior R&D capabilities.